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Vertex Marker Board
Vertex Marker Board
Product Code : 1-02-FUVERMAKRBD-1-00 (94033090)
Corain Surface With Inlay Of Veneer
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Vertex is a blend of Solid Corian surface with veneer fused in seamlessly. The combination of veneer represents the hieararchical supremacy while the corian represents the contemporary and modern approach in today's business scenario.
The suite comprises of Main Table, ERU, Discussion table, Back Storage and a Market Board
The main table has an organic profile, with an extended active area for placing gadgets and accessories of one’s choice and use
The low height Return Unit has an electrical console powered with an A&H Meyer Netbox, which provides neat accessible power, voice and data sockets to power the gadget and accessories
The Back storage unit complements to the main desk and the return storage unit and can house ample items of secondary use

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